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European Privacy Policy GDPR no. 2016/679

The Company provides for the protection of personal data according to the principles established by the European Regulation.

To protect the data of individuals as new technologies arise and to offer a solid framework for their protection, Lechler SpA, as Data Controller, reiterates the legislation’s main principles and the subject data rights.

  •             Everyone has the right to the protection of their data.
  •             Everyone has the right to be guaranteed that the processing of their data is carried out in compliance with the fundamental rights, freedoms, and dignity, concerning privacy and personal identity.
  •             Everyone has the right to be assured that the processing of their data is complies with the principles of lawfulness, correctness, transparency, simplification, harmonisation and effectiveness.
  •             Everyone has the right to be guaranteed that information systems and computer software are configured to minimise the use of personal and identification data, to exclude processing when the same result can through anonymous data or opportune methods that allow the data subject’s identification only when needed.

In compliance with legal provisions, the Company shall:

  •             process the data using appropriate procedures to protect the data subject’s confidentiality;
  •             to the greatest extent possible, safeguard and control personal data being processed to contain the risk of wilful or accidental destruction, loss, disclosure outside the cases permitted or processed illegally;
  •             adopt appropriate security measures to deal with the . shall consider any updated knowledge based on technical progress, the data’s nature and the processing characteristics, upon which risks must .

To this end, a Register has been prepared that collects all the information, procedures and initiatives adopted about the protection of personal data.

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