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Legislative and administrative regulations -  Legality Rating

Legality rating  is a tool that was created for Italian companies in 2012 to promote and introduce ethical behavioural patterns in the company by awarding an acknowledgement, rated with stars, to indicate compliance with legality on the part of companies that requested it and, in a broad sense, the importance given to correct management of the proprietary business.  The maximum score envisaged is no. 3 stars. Lechler S.p.A. obtained a score of 2 stars and a +

The first star was awarded because the entrepreneur and other important subjects for the rating process (Technical Director, General Director, Legal Representative, Administrators, Partners) are not the addressees of prevention and/or precautionary measures, sentences/penal sentences, settlements for tributary crimes, pursuant to former Legislative Decree 74/2000, for crimes, pursuant to former Legislative Decree 231/2001, for crimes specified in articles 346, 346 bis, 353, 353 bis, 354, 355 and 356 of the Penal Code and for the crime specified in art. 2, sections 1 and 1 bis of Law Decree no.  463/1983, converted by Law no. 638/1983.  The company has not received any interdictory anti-mafia communications or informative notices. Moreover, the company is not under temporary receivership. Neither court rulings nor precautionary measures have been issued against Lechler for illegal administrative procedures associated with crimes specified in Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

During the two-year period preceding the rating request, the company has not been sentenced for serious illegal antitrust activities or for violations of the consumption code, for failure to comply with regulations that defend health and safety in the workplace, for violations of wage-related obligations, contributions, insurance and fiscal obligations towards its employees and collaborators. Furthermore, it has not been investigated for recording a higher taxable income than the amount stated, nor has it been the focus of provisions to withdraw public funds regarding which it has not complied with the obligation to return any sums, and it is not the focus of provisions investigating failure to pay taxes. It is not the focus of either pecuniary and/or interdictory sanctions issued by the ANAC (Italian Anti-Corruption Authority), and there are no notes in the IT Court Records of companies, specified in art. 8 of Presidential Decree no. 207/2010, implying that the company is forbidden from stipulating contracts with the Public Administration or from participating in calls for tenders or from being assigned public contracts for work, services or supplies.

The second star and a + were granted to Lechler for possessing these additional requisites:

  • the use of payment traceability systems also for amounts that are less than the amount established by the law;
  • the adoption of an organisational structure that performs the compliance check of corporate activities with regulatory provisions that are applicable to the company and an organisational model defined pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001;
  • the adoption of processes to guarantee forms of Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • the adoption of organisational models to prevent and fight corruption (Model 231 and the Behavioural Code of Lechler S.p.A.).

The following is a link to the list of companies that have obtained the legality rating: http://www.agcm.it/index.php?option=com_domino&view=search&Itemid=327&ric=1&words=lechler+spa&separatore=0&limit=15&start=0

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